Water heater over heat? Water heater shut off often? 

Odor Smell from heater? Venting your water heater properly is safety issue, ACI do it right! 


Our service call includes 100% guaranteed troubleshooting diagnose after we find the problem, if you do the repair the $79 will be waived.

Gas Shut Off Valve

Smell Gas? Old gas valve? Old gas flex pipe? our plumbing services includes fixing gas leak issues professionally and safely.

Expansion Tank Installation

Your water heater leak? The T&P valve dripping? water pressure to high? no problem we can help our services included expansion tank installations

Water leak from valve? Broken water valve? Old and rusty water valve? with our competitive plumbing repair prices we can get it done. 

Water Shut Off Valve Replacement
Water Supply Lines Installation

Water leak from connections? Water leak from flex pipe? ACI can replace old water supply lines with new cooper hot and cold supply lines.

Water Pressure Regulator Installation

Cant shut off the main water? Water pressure to high?

Knocking or rumbling noise from pipes? Replacing water tank to fast? Free water pressure test with every Service call

Water Heaters Installation

Need new water heater installation? Replace your old gas water heater? Tankless water heater installation?

Air Care Inc. dba ACI Services will install any water heater 10% OFF ANY INSTALLATION

Troubleshooting Only $79
Water Heaters Vents

Air Care Inc. Professional Water Heater Repair & Plumbing Services

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